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Yazıcı Hotels has adopted the principle of complying with legal requirements and conditions in all product and service processes.

To provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and business partners, it is our Occupational Health and Safety policy to make all our employees aware with the help of training and to adopt not to endanger the health and safety of themselves, our suppliers and our guests as the main task, to constantly improve the prevention culture by reviewing our risk analyses

For Yazici Hotels, our guests are our focus.

Our priority values are to resolve guest complaints from all platforms and to provide feedback to our guests, analyze suggestions, requests, and complaints, and turn them into opportunities for improvement.

Grand Yazici Club Turban hotel undertakes to establish positive relations with the local community, not to discriminate against age, gender, race among its staff, but to develop the local people socially and economically and to work with local suppliers to support the local economy.

We believe that everyone should bear responsibility for the protection of children. It is our primary duty to protect all children from physical and mental abuse.

We are aware of our contribution to the local economy with purchasing practices, in this direction, 54% of our suppliers and raw materials are local.

We make environmentally friendly purchases that produce less energy, water, and waste for sustainable tourism.

Our aim is to take responsibility on using the natural resources effectively to be able to provide sustainable environment.

Main objectives of our environmental policy:

  • Being informed and being informative about the legal enviromental rules and obligations.
  • To investigate and use the less harmful Technologies for the environment.
  • Keeping environmental awareness during our constructional design and operating our business.
  • Keeping our suppliers, co-workers, public, visitors and customers informed at all times about protecting the natural resources.
  • Seperating and recycling waste at its source to be able to prevent minimize the possible polution.
  • Taking actions to reduce our electric, water and oil consumption in order to constantly improve on our policy.
  • Taking actions to prevent any health and safety hazards to be able to run a health, safety and enviromental circle in harmony.

We do our very best to reduce and minimize the possible harm to the enviroment and  will continue to do so at all times.